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Grey Line

Simplified Rules

These simplified rules are for your convenience, the Beach 5 Sand Soccer Series LAWS OF THE GAME are the official rules.

  • The Penalty area is 10 yards deep by the width of the field.
  • The goalkeeper can use his hands in the Penalty area.
  • All U11 players and below are NOT permitted to use their head to bump the ball.

If the foul occurs in the penalty area
A penalty kick shall be awarded at the center of the penalty line and all players must remain behind the penalty line.

If the foul occurs in attacking half of the pitch (not in penalty area)
A direct free kick shall be awarded at the location of the foul and all players must remain behind the ball.

If the foul occurs in defensive half of the pitch
No wall may be formed, no player can stand in the triangle formed by the ball and the two goalposts. No player may interfere with the ball except the keeper if it is being shot towards goal or is still in the air. If it leaves that triangle or touches the sand, any player can play the ball. All keeper re-starts are with hands only; there is no goal kick. The goalkeeper cannot score a goal using his hands. The goalkeeper is allowed to touch/receive the ball with his hands or arms from either a pass back or header from a teammate ONCE during a given possession. However, the keeper shall NOT BE ALLOWED TO DO THIS A SECOND CONSECUTIVE TIME during a given possession without the ball touching an opponent player. Defenders must remain 5 yards from the ball on a corner kick. Ball can be inbounded from the sidelines using either hands or feet. A goal cannot be scored directly from an inbounds. The keeper can receive an inbounds with his hands; this counts as first pass back. There are no offside’s.



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