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1. Where can I get the rules of Beach Sand Soccer?
  A: You can get a copy of the rules here.
2. Where are the fields located?
  A: Locations for each event are on the Locations page.
3. What is the roster size?
  A: Minimum roster size is 5, the maximum is 10.
4. How many games will a team play at the Beach 5 Sand Soccer tournament?
  A: Each team is guaranteed 3 games.
5. What is the Registration Deadline?
  A: You can find this info on the Registration Page.
6. How do I know what age division to register my team for?
  A: We have an age chart available located within the Rules page. You can find the chart here.
7. If I register my team, can I turn in my Team Roster & Medical Forms at registration check in?
  A: You MUST have all paper work is due prior to registration check in. Players will not be able to participate in the tournament if they do not have their forms to us in time.
8. When will the schedule be posted online?
  A: We strive to have our schedules posted 2-3 weeks prior to the tournament date.
9. Where should we stay when we attend a tournament?
  A: Each year we offer at least 2 facilities per tournament location with special rates offered only to our tournament team players. Please see our Lodging page.
10. When I complete my online registration forms are my fees due at that time?
  A: No, but until the funds are received your spot is not guaranteed for the tournament.



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